Damien Mulley does an interesting Ones to Watch list every year.

I was thinking about this and the other sorts of annual lists and wondered who I’d nominate for an online people of the year awards. These aren’t about building the biggest business or making the most money. It is about people who are genuinely making Ireland a better place.

My list would have

Gavin Sheridan of thestory.ie (and Storyful) aided and abetted by Fred Logue on his general FOI work and attempts at prying open NAMA.

Simon McGarr of McGarr’s solicitors. For working on protecting the Internet in Ireland. For being aware of the dangers and pointing them out.

Eamon Leonard His bio says “Dubliner. Startup advisor. Angel investor. @Funconf,@WhiskeyMarch@PubStandardsDub – VP Engineering at EngineYard”  He’s also helping to nurture an ecosystem and startup community in Dublin in the best possible way.

David Hall for his work on behalf of people with Mortgage problems.

Stephen Donnelly who may be the best TD in the Dail. He’s one of the few who knows what needs to be done.

Bernie Goldbach for being a Mensch in the Irish online ecosystem for many many years.

Joe Garde for creating DalkeyOpen, everything a meetup should be and fostering community.

Norah B aka TalentCoop for Depression Hurts.

James Whelton and Bill Liao for Coder Dojo. Not only because James has won every other award this year.

Yes I know most of the people on the list and I’ve worked with a few. It reflects my own biases. And there is a total of one woman on the list.

The question is who else should be added to the list ?