Saturday was the fourth trip we took with the kids to the Young Scientist.  And it is a hell of a lot easier with a 6.5 yo, 8yo and 9yo than it is with a 2.5yo, 4yo & 5yo. The first trip when someone handed my better half a free family pass was a rather hurried and harried affair including kids and buggy.

The outline of the day has become familiar World of Robots, aka Robot Wars being a very important attraction.  Robot’s seemed to be a dominant theme this year. As well as World of Robots we had Titan the Robot and a chance for the kids to control robots at one of the exhibition stands via iPads.

The days is education and entertainment in the best possible way. There are large dollops of fun and large amounts of real science, whether it’s putting molecules together, avoiding laser beams, watching things go bang and boom and crash. Like the best of science it is tactile and engaging and enormous fun. It teaches the kids that they can be scientists and that science is all around them living and breathing their world.

If you have kids (and they’re a wee bit older than 2.5) take them. It is absolutely brillant. It was founded 49 years ago by Dr Tony Scott and Rev Dr Tom Barry (RIP), to whom the country owes an enormous debt.

And thank you to BT and to everyone who make it such an amazing event.