eircomNormally I don’t publish anything personal on this blog. After the treatment that my mother has had at the hand of Eircon over the past six weeks, this is an exception worth making.

It is also an example of dreadful customer services that must be costing Eircon some money at this point.  The saga began when my mother was made a counter offer by Eircom as she was about to switch to Vodafone for phone and web.

Over the past six weeks she has been lied to repeatedly by Eircon and still has not had her problem resolved.

Here’s hoping a little public embarrassment might help. The email below is the one my mother sent to Eircom last week… Which she then had to send to another complaints depts because it turns out canwehelp@eircom.ie, not only can’t help, they can’t forward on complaints either.

This is my mothers email and her six week saga…

Dear Sir/Madam,
On 31st May,2013, I was offered the following package by your Agent, Molly Fearnon:
1.. Unlimited Local and National Calls -  ANYTIME.
2. 120 Minutes of INTERNATIONAL Calls.
3. 90 Mobile Minutes.
4. Unlimited Gigabytes.
at a cost of 25 EURO per month.
I was also told by her that we would be changing over the E Fibre in this area in June.    This was untrue, as I have since ascertained that it would be 2014 before the changeover.
I had been in the process of moving to VODAFONE when this offer was made to me.  My “COOLING OFF PERIOD” with Vodafone was ending that very day,May 31st, and, as I was categorically told that my EIRCOM Bill would be 25 Euro for the foregoing Package, I happily accepted and closed my account with Vodafone.    That Package has, so far, not been honoured.
I have been continuously calling your Agents since 7th June, and here is a list of the names to whom I have spoken:
1.  JESSICA                                  7,  RACHElL
2.  GILLIAN                                  8,  DANIKA
3.  MARK                                      9. BERNARD CASHMAN
4.  CARINA                                  10  ARON
5.  ANN                                         11. IDA
6.  GRAHAM                                 12. PEGGY
                    13  LEEANN.
each one quite nice but NOT ONE could give me any firm answer  re my Package, although one did say the “IT WOULD HAVE  TO BE HONOURED”, that was RACHEL.
On June 24th, I spoke to BERNARD CASHMAN who promised that he would get MOLLY FEARNON to call me within 24 hours and he himself would call within 48 hours.  I thought it was a breatthrough – how naive, again I heard NOTHING.
As all your calls are monitored you are aware of all this.
I rang agaion on 28th June and spoke to IDA at 4.15 p.m. and she told me BERNARD CASHMAN was busy and would call back in 2 minutes.   I waited for that call until 5.30 and NO CALL.
What am I to understand.  Is there nobody of honour in your Company?    In my long life I have never experienced such gross inefficiency – nobody appears to be in charge or take responsibility.   Even though I got a No.  01 7018272, from MOLLY FEARNON on 31st May, at which to contact her if necessary, I have never been able to talk to her in spite of trying many times.
I have no option now but to get in touch with COMREG, and perhaps my Solicitor, as all else seems to have failed.
Your observations and a solution to the problem would be appreciated.
Bernadette Casey.