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Start like a hedgehog and finish like a fox. Better questions lead to better options and better answers.

Part of the problem with Technology, with Projects, Products and Processes is not asking good questions. It also causes huge problems with Strategy and with managing Change.

This is what I do. I help you with better questions rather than with simplistic answers. It might be taking a deeper look at an idea, a company or a technology. Sometimes it’s psychotherapy for startups. Sometimes it’s to drive innovation and change in an existing company. Every time it is about understanding context.

I take the tools, models and ideas refined in one of the best companies in the world and combine them with the experience of years of building and working with startups.

I help people and organisations avoid some of the pain in innovation and technology, and help them get to the value quicker.

I’ve worked in very small organisations and very large ones. I was COO and CTO for Storyful and grew it from 2 people, building the technology and the processes, raising funding and running a 24×7 organisation. Before that I worked in GE for over a decade.

I build systems and companies, deliver infrastructure, create and enable strategy. I help people to do their jobs better and improve how they work with their customers. I am passionate about building better organisations and better ways of working.

I also teach the Strategic use of Information Systems at the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin

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