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  1. Mary Cahill

    I was meant to read your article about the appalling service from Eircom as I am currently in the same position. Eircom talked me into a bundle and they would deal direct with my cancellation with UPC and not to pay them, UPC, until I get the final bill – and have me up and running just for phone and internet as the TV service, as you stated yourself, will not be up and running yet – they did not contact UPC – they sent the modem but it was not delivered so I have nothing!!! Just as yourself I must have talked to everyone in Eircom but no resolution! I did get one person to admit that an error porting the phone etc and therefore UPC would not know anything about any changes but although there was an error they have had the nerve to send me a bill for something they are not providing. Whilst waiting for Eircom to do the job they said they would do UPC cut me off while I was waiting for the final bill but they could not send me that as Eircom did not notify them of the changes. I will see them in Hell before they get paid for a service they did not complete or provide!
    Eircom have such arrogance and always have – I know someone working there and they are trained to refuse to resolve issues by passing callers to another department as soon as they can even when the customer has a legitimate issue

    Mary Cahill

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