Trust me on Trustev

I got the skinny on Trustev from the horse’s mouth last week. I met John Peavoy,

Microsoft, Storyful, Startups and the collaborative future of work

I was at a demo of Office 365 last week.  I have some affection for Office.

Making it Maugherow : even worse than it appears at first

In my blogpost yesterday I discussed some of the issues with Forget price, (and where

Turd polishing : where did the €2.5 Million for go?

I am rather confused.  Tourism Ireland have a new website. It is hosted at for

The wonderful story of a man who outsourced his job and a few mundane questions

One of the first things I learned about journalism was  ”check your sources”. That was when

Ready, Fire, Aim : Asking the wrong questions of Social Media

This evening via the Irish Times we learn that “Representatives of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are to

Thoughts on four years of the Young Scientist

Saturday was the fourth trip we took with the kids to the Young Scientist.  And it

My broadband speed just went up 20 times

My Broadband speed just improved by a factor of 20. Measured speed via Eircom a week
Social Media

The Eclectic Bakers Dozen Saturday Reading List (for Sunday)

The Eclectic Reading List. Culled from items favourited on Twitter during the week. A bakers dozen of

Learning faster is better than failing faster. And the deepest problem in Software

A couple of things came together into a blogpost. Consider is a bricolage that points toward