Happy Christmas…

It’s been one hell of an amazing year. And I’m really looking forward to 2013. In

How did you do your undergraduate degree without the internet?

“How did you do your undergraduate degree without the internet?” I was having lunch with a

Nate Silver, Rasmussen, Models, Hypothesis and Probabilities

The 2012 US election is today. As of this morning Nate Silver of 538 is comfortably

If you use it with love there’s no higher honor than being called a user

Wrote a post a few weeks ago that got some positive and negative reaction It was about banning

Social Media and the US Elections

I’ve been outed by Karlin Lillington as a wee bit of a US election anorak. “Obama

A word that needs to be banned

User. Illegal drugs and IT are the only two industries that I know of that refer

Programming as poetry. Part 1

I managed to sit in on a keynote speech by David Puttnam at the Learning Innovation Network

The future of longer form journalism

Friend and former colleague Markham Nolan has a nice piece in the Irish Times today on

Moving on

My Storyful adventure started on 12th of January 2010. And ended last week. It has been